Advisory Board

The Advisory Board exists to share information between SGA's various advisors and officers, provide advice to the Student Body President, serve as a conduit to the Division of Student Affairs, approve proposed changes to SGA's bylaws, and serve as an appeals board for SGA grievances.

The Advisory Board is a standing University Committee, the membership of which is stipulated by the SGA Constitution.

Kenna Middleton, Dean of Students: SGA Cabinet Advisor

Matt Schumacher, Director, Retention Programs: SGA Executive Cabinet Advisor

Melinda Murphy, Director of Development, Gift & Estate: Student Court Advisor

Jason Marion,  Assistant Professor, Clinical Laboratory Science: Senate Co-Advisor

David Fifer, Lecturer, Emergency Medical Care: Senate Co-Advisor

Meagan Martin, Admission Counselor: Student Activities Council Advisor

Collin Potter, SGA Student Body President

Sebastian Torres, SGA Executive Vice President

Jade McClure, SGA Vice President for Student Activities Council

Caleb Dunn, Chief Justice of the Student Court