Now Accepting Applications for The Director of Public Relations and Marketing Position

Now Accepting Applications for The Director of Public Relations and Marketing Position

The Director of Public Relations and Marketing will establish effective strategies for communicating with SGA’s constituency, including the student body, organizational membership, and the University community as a whole.  This individual will coordinate the availability of information across the branches and offices of the Association, and ensure that such information is being produced, disseminated, and utilized in an effective and efficient manner.  The position will maintain relationships with campus media, and coordinate the distribution of publicity materials, press releases, and the maintenance of the SGA website. The position will supervise a web development team and the public relations staff of each branch, and report directly to the Chief of Staff in the accomplishment of goals and initiatives as established by the Student Body President.

Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Ability to evaluate situations from multiple perspectives and arrive at a decision independently.
  • Able to work at an organization-wide level with multiple stakeholders.
  • Understanding of principles of effective organizational communication.
  • Knowledge of campus media sources.
  • Knowledge of best practices in public relations and marketing.
  • Knowledge of the SGA Constitution and Bylaws and relevant campus policy.
  • Able to supervise others and delegate effectively.


Experience:Experience in and familiarity with SGA and the Registered Student Organization community will be an asset to this position

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Contact Information

Allie Maples

Published on November 21, 2016