Student Senate

Chaired by the Executive Vice President, the Student Senate is the legislative branch of SGA. Meetings are on Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm in Kennamer Conference Room in Middle Powell (with some date/room location exceptions).

Collin Potter
Student Body Executive Vice President
Major/Classification: Business Management and Marketing Research Analytics/ Junior
Hometown: Mount Sterling, KY
Hobbies/Interest: Hiking, reading, traveling and spending time with friends

The Student Senate ensures that the students of Eastern Kentucky University have a voice in all campus affairs. Student Senators voice student concerns and pursue solutions to those concerns by working with the Faculty Senate, the University administration, and other bodies on campus.

Standing Committees of the Student Senate

  • The Student Rights Committee
    Chaired by:  Rachel H. Keys

    Investigates issues regarding students rights and responsibilities, and monitors issues of student health, safety, and wellness.

  • The Academic Affairs Committee
    Chaired by:  Andrew Hainley

    Addresses issues regarding academics and educational opportunities, and maintains contact with the more than 100 academic departments, programs, and offices.

  • The Registered Students Organizations Committee
    Chaired by:  Jacob Ludwig

    Administers the Organizational Funding, Aramark Funding, and Diversity Fund programs, which provide more than $50,000 to student groups every year. For information on receiving funds from these programs, click here.

  • The Information and Technology Committee
    Chaired by:  Evan Singleton

    Monitors issues regarding the use technology and electronic information, and administers the Student Technology Fee Grant, a $100,000 grant program under SGA's control.

  • The Residential Affairs Committee
    Chaired by:  Michael Beasley

    Promotes the quality of the residential experience and addresses issues to ensure residential rights.

  • The Committee on Committees
    Chaired by:  Sebastian Torres

    The administrative committee of the Student Senate, this committee consists of the Chairs of the standing committees, the Clerk & Historian, and the Sergeant-At-Arms.

Senate Leadership 2015-2016